Manual or Electric Roller Shutters – Which One Do I Need?

There are 2 main types of Roller Shutters, but which one is best for you? When it comes to deciding which roller shutters are right for you, manual or electric, there are a number of details that you need to consider. From the location of the shutters themselves to the number that you are having installed, in this article, the Complete Shutter Services team will run through all the key factors which you should take into account before purchasing your roller shutters. What is your Budget? Firstly, what is your budget? Given that manual roller shutters aren’t controlled by electric motors…

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How Do Fire Shutters Work?

An introduction to an important fire safety feature While we would never think that a fire would occur at our commercial premises, they certainly can (and they do, every year). However, in recent times, fires have been occurring less and less across the UK; between April 2014 and March 2015, the UK Fire Services dealt with 154,700 fires – a record low. This is in part due to the increased sophistication of our fire safety strategies, and also due to an increase in fire safety awareness across the UK. Fire shutters are a fundamental component of a building’s fire strategy and,…

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Common Roller Shutter Problems

In this article we take a look at what problems are most common in roller shutter doors. Good industrial roller shutter doors are a highly beneficial addition to the safety and security of any business, whether the setting is industrial or something else entirely. This is, primarily, because they offer a physical barrier between the valuable goods within your premises and the potential dangers which lie outside of them. What are the most common problems with roller shutters? So, as you can imagine, it’s extremely important to make sure that your roller shutters are working correctly. While our roller shutters are…

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What Type of Roller Shutters Do I Need?

Find out what type of shutters are best for you Roller shutters really are a dependable and versatile security measure for any building. Their ease of operation, durability and excellent safety features make them highly sought after and, what’s more, they manage to maintain all of these features without sacrificing the aesthetic of a building. With new, innovative designs, roller shutters are constantly improving. Stronger and lighter than ever before, roller shutters have numerous standout qualities: sleek designs, easy to use, longevity, a smooth gliding movement and quick installation. In this article the Complete Shutter Services team will discuss what type…

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Improved Technology Transforms Our Customer Service

BigChange technology transforms the business Nationwide industrial door specialist Complete Shutter Services has rolled out BigChange’s Mobile Workforce Management Technology across its operation. Based out of Sheffield for over 30 years, the company designs, manufactures, installs and services door systems for clients including BP, Shell, The Co-Op, Waterstones and House of Fraser. Switching from Manual to All-in-One The company switched from a manual T-card system to BigChange’s all-in-one, paperless cloud based system that combines back-office CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Job Planning and Scheduling and a Mobile App for engineers and real-time tracking of vehicles. Managing Director Paul Quealey scoured the market…

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Installation at Ballards Removals & Storage

Complete Shutter Services have just completed an installation at ‘Ballards’ new warehouse & offices @ Markham Moor just off the A1 Nottinghamshire. Ballards are a successful business operating in the UK and Europe & required a larger facility for their operations. We carried out a successful installation of 3 large insulated doors with German direct drive motors & digital control panels. Steel fire exit doors for the warehouse and a codelock office door & fire shutter in reception area.

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Replacing Industrial Doors

A new lease of life for a neglected unit… We were approached by one of our regular clients who had a project that they wanted us to look at. They were working on an old unit that had some very old industrial doors that had seen better days and asked if we could take a look and offer some advice. The doors were beyond economical repair and didn’t meet with current Health & Safety regulations so we advised that the doors should be replaced with modern electrically operated Roller Shutter Doors. Take a look at the results. The client was extremely…

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