How to Fix a Noisy Roller Shutter

Why settle for security over comfort when you can have both?

A noisy roller shutter can be frustrating, but it can usually be resolved with a quick fix. Call a professional engineer to survey your site and identify any problems. They’ll make your roller shutters good as new, so you can enjoy security, peace and quiet for your business.

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Discover why your roller shutter is making noise and how to fix it in this article.

Your roller shutter is lacking motor oil

Motor oil is used as a lubricant to ensure the moving components of your roller shutter glide past each other smoothly. If the motor oil is in short supply, the components may begin to rub against one another when the shutter is in operation. Metal on metal is bound to cause some unpleasant noises, but it may also cause damage to the components if left unaddressed.

A simple fix to this issue is to lubricate the motor with oil. However, it can be difficult to know whether your roller shutter is noisy because of a lack of oil or another issue altogether. Your best course of action is to contact a specialist who will be able to inspect your roller shutter and identify the issue. Even if your roller shutter isn’t yet causing any problems, an engineer will be able to monitor the oil levels in your shutter during regular maintenance sessions to ensure it remains topped up.

Your roller shutter has corroded

Exposure to the elements may cause the components of your roller shutter to corrode. External roller shutters are particularly susceptible to corrosion. Corrosion can damage the components of your roller shutter and cause a squeak to develop.

The earlier you catch signs of corrosion, the easier it will be to fix. Regular maintenance and servicing of your roller shutter is the best way to ensure that corrosion is kept on top of. However, if significant corrosion has already occurred, a professional engineer will still be able to remedy the problem.

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The spring tension on your roller door is too tight or too loose

A roller door that has too much or too little tension will be out of balance. The unit may operate under substantial load, which will generate noise from the guides and motor. Not only will the door be noisy, but it may also be dangerous to operate.

We recommend contacting a professional engineer to survey your door and remedy the issue. An engineer will be able to identify how much tension is built up in your door and will increase or release the tension as required.

Any noise coming from your roller shutter door is a cause for concern. Take advantage of surveys, inspection, maintenance and servicing to ensure it remains in top condition. A noisy roller shutter may be distracting, but it could also signify greater roller shutter problems that could compromise the security of your business. Get it checked by the experts for complete peace of mind.

Those are some of the main reasons your roller shutter is noisy, checkout our other post for more common roller shutter problems.

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