Personnel Door

5 Benefits of Personnel Doors

A personnel door is a type of commercial security door specifically intended for employee use. Unlike regular security doors, personnel doors are not designed to facilitate public footfall and shouldn’t be used in public areas of your business. Personnel doors offer a number of benefits to businesses across a diverse range of industries. In this article, we explain the top benefits of personnel doors and detail how they could improve your business. Greater security A key benefit of personnel doors is that they are designed to only allow approved personnel into key areas. This can be achieved with mechanisms that require…

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Steel Hinged Doors

The Benefits of Steel-hinged Doors

When choosing a door for your business, you might consider the style, colour and material — but what about the hinge? Hinges come in a variety of materials, and steel may be the best of the lot. In this article, we’ll explain why steel-hinged doors may be the perfect door for your home or business. Steel hinges are corrosion resistant One of the best advantages of stainless steel is that it isn’t prone to corrosion. Even an external door that sees heavy rainfall will resist corrosion, meaning it will last longer than many alternatives.  Choosing a corrosion-resistant door can be a…

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Roller Shutters Punched

Importance of Roller Shutters for Businesses

With hundreds of thousands of shoplifting incidents happening every year in the UK, keeping your business secure is more important than ever.  Roller shutters should be a central part of every business’ security strategy, as they offer numerous benefits for keeping a business safe. And it’s not just safety either. Roller shutters provide various advantages for businesses and are a must-have for brick-and-mortar stores. In this article, we explain all the advantages of a roller shutter for a business. Security Roller shutters are typically made of steel or aluminium. Robust and durable, these two metals provide superb resistance against attacks. Unlike…

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The Advantages of Fire Doors

When you’re considering the potential advantages of having fire doors installed into your home or business premises, one easy answer will inevitably come first to mind: they can save lives. And even if having them fitted is not a legal requirement in your circumstances, that’s a pretty good reason for giving them serious consideration. But there are a number of other things that also make fire doors a sensible investment. And if you’re having to get them fitted because you have to by law, those extras might make you feel a bit better about that investment. Alternatively, if you don’t actually…

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Engineer checking roller shutter operation at an M&S Food store

Maintaining Roller Shutter Doors

A good set of roller shutter doors will always be made tough, both to keep would-be intruders outside where they belong, and to give year after year of good service. That’s great for you, because it means that once they’re installed you’ll barely need to give them a second thought except to open and close them. Notice that we said ‘barely’ – that’s because even high-quality sets of roller shutter doors will need some elements of maintenance if you want to get the best out of them for the longest possible time. This month, we’ll be taking a look at the…

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Perforated Roller Shutters for bp connect petrol station store

The Advantages of Roller Shutters for Shops

Being a shop owner is stressful. On top of all the duties and tasks that pile up during working hours, you’re also burdened with the fear that your shop gets vandalised or damaged after you’ve left the premises. Roller shutters for retail provide myriad benefits for the shop owner, and together they provide the greatest benefit of all: peace of mind that your shop is safe. In this article, discover all the ways a roller shutter could benefit your business. Security Made from robust steel, roller shutters will protect your premises from being broken into. It serves as a visual deterrent,…

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Engineers installing a new shutter for a warehouse

How Often Should Roller Shutters Be Serviced?

Servicing and maintenance are not simply recommended — they’re a requirement. There are laws which require you to service your shutters at set intervals, but you should consider this a bare minimum. There are many other factors that will determine when you should get your roller shutters serviced. In this article, find out when you must and when you should service your roller shutters to ensure your business, staff and assets are kept safe. If you need roller shutter repairs, call out team on for help today! When are you required to service your roller shutters? The Health and Safety Act…

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How to Fix a Noisy Roller Shutter

Why settle for security over comfort when you can have both? A noisy roller shutter can be frustrating, but it can usually be resolved with a quick fix. Call a professional engineer to survey your site and identify any problems. They’ll make your roller shutters good as new, so you can enjoy security, peace and quiet for your business. Here at Complete Shutter Services, we have a wide range of roller shutters and industrial doors, to get a quote or book for a site survey, contact our team on 0800 998 1304. Discover why your roller shutter is making noise and…

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Shutters

Maintenance for Industrial Shutters Warehouses and factories are busy places and it is easy to forget to look after your roller shutters, especially since they seem like durable pieces of equipment which won’t require maintenance. However, it is incredibly important to regularly maintain your roller shutters if you want to protect the safety of your staff and the security of your premises. Why is it important to maintain your shutters? If you don’t regularly clean and check your roller shutters then they could start malfunctioning. This means you could be locked out of the building, or they could become stuck open,…

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The Right Shutters for your Market Sector

The Right Shutters for your Market Sector: A brief guide on domestic and commercial shutters Good roller shutters can be a highly beneficial addition to the security of any factory or industrial setting. This is, primarily, because they offer a physical barrier between the valuable goods within your premises and the potential dangers which lie outside of them. However, roller shutters aren’t just for industrial premises, they offer a host of benefits to domestic and retail settings, too. Their ease of operation, durability and excellent safety features make them highly sought after – the trick is finding the right shutters to suit…

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