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The Importance of Maintaining Your Shutters

Maintenance for Industrial Shutters

Warehouses and factories are busy places and it is easy to forget to look after your roller shutters, especially since they seem like durable pieces of equipment which won’t require maintenance.

However, it is incredibly important to regularly maintain your roller shutters if you want to protect the safety of your staff and the security of your premises.

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Why is it important to maintain your shutters?

If you don’t regularly clean and check your roller shutters then they could start malfunctioning. This means you could be locked out of the building, or they could become stuck open, or even shut suddenly on top of someone. It would be costly to lose days of work because you can’t access the building, and it would endanger the products in your warehouse if the door is stuck open.

Incidents are commonly reported where people are injured by broken roller shutters, and they can easily be avoided by looking after your shutters. It is a legal requirement to ensure your shutters are operational as well, especially if they are frequently used by your staff.

Workplace Regulations state that your shutters must be in a good state of repair in case there is a fire. Another reason to consistently check your shutters is that most thieves are experienced and will know when a roller shutter is malfunctioning, so they will be more likely to target your premises.

It is important to stay organised when it comes to shutter maintenance because sometimes in the event of an emergency, urgent repairs cannot be completed immediately, as the contractor will have to measure and make new parts for the shutter.

How to maintain your shutters:

Clean your roller shutters at least once every three months

Make sure the guide the shutters run along is clean and free from debris such as leaves or dirt. Take a duster and clean between the slats, and use a brush for the ventilation holes and tracks. A solution of warm water and soap can remove tough grime, use a cloth to wipe everything dry afterwards.

Check the mechanism

As the shutters grow older they could become stiff or damaged, so keep an eye on them and check the mechanisms for wear and tear. If you think anything is damaged contact a professional to come and check it.

Check the guide rails & bearings

The rollers, guide rails and bearings should be oiled once a year to prevent rust and to make sure the rolling mechanism operates smoothly.

Be careful with manual shutters

If your shutters are operated by hand make sure you open and close them carefully. Don’t let the door crash into the ground because this can cause the screws to loosen.

If you have staff working near the shutters make sure they are cautious and don’t fall into the shutters or throw things at them.

Get a professional to complete a balance check

Your shutters need to have a balancing check performed every month by a professional to make sure they are running properly and can be stopped at any time.

If you need a professional engineer to come and service your shutters, give our team a call today!

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