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What Type of Roller Shutters Do I Need?

Find out what type of shutters are best for you

Roller shutters really are a dependable and versatile security measure for any building.

Their ease of operation, durability and excellent safety features make them highly sought after and, what’s more, they manage to maintain all of these features without sacrificing the aesthetic of a building.

With new, innovative designs, roller shutters are constantly improving. Stronger and lighter than ever before, roller shutters have numerous standout qualities: sleek designs, easy to use, longevity, a smooth gliding movement and quick installation.

In this article the Complete Shutter Services team will discuss what type of roller shutter might be best for you and your business.

Roller Shutters Solid

What material do I need?

When it comes to deciding on the material of your roller shutters, it’s always good to keep in mind their location within the building, and also the building’s location, too.

For example, if you’re deciding on the material of internal shutters that do not separate your building from the outside world, you might want to opt for lightweight aluminium shutters.

Similarly, if your business is situated in a suburban area where crime is relatively low, perhaps a lightweight aluminium shutter would suffice.

Finding out the crime rate in your local area and analysing the resulting security risk to your business is a task you’ll have to carry out before you begin your search.

Manual or electric?

Ultimately, whether you opt for a manual or electric roller shutter will depend on your budget. Manual roller shutters, as you’d expect, are opened and closed by hand. However, don’t let this put you off – the manual shutters here at Complete Shutter Services offer smooth mechanisms, making lifting and lowering simple. Manual roller shutters tend to be cheaper and, as such, suit smaller businesses with a smaller budget.

If you feel as though your budget could stretch a bit further, you might want to opt for electric roller shutters. Operated using electrical switches and remote keys, these roller shutters are well suited to factories which have to deal with things such as vehicle traffic, where a manual shutter would impede productivity.

What about display capabilities?

Another important consideration when it comes to deciding on roller shutters is the level of display capability you require. For example, if you are trying to shield your premises from the outside world, then you are going to need the utmost privacy and security, in which case, heavy duty steel shutters with a solid lath curtain will be the way forward.

However, if you are looking to protect your shop front but still want your goods to be on display, perhaps, in this scenario, your best bet would be to choose from our wide range of see-through roller shutters. Serving as an excellent deterrent, security grilles don’t sacrifice aesthetic appeal and offer a good level of security.

Our standard & security rated window grilles may also be a great option for you.

Here at Complete Shutter Services, we’ve been providing unrivalled security solutions to suit numerous applications for over 30 years.

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