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What are the Right Shutters for your Market Sector?

The Right Shutters for your Market Sector: A brief guide on domestic and commercial shutters

Good roller shutters can be a highly beneficial addition to the security of any factory or industrial setting.

This is, primarily, because they offer a physical barrier between the valuable goods within your premises and the potential dangers which lie outside of them.

Punched Aluminium Roller Shutters for Schuh

However, roller shutters aren’t just for industrial premises, they offer a host of benefits to domestic and retail settings, too. Their ease of operation, durability and excellent safety features make them highly sought after – the trick is finding the right shutters to suit you.

In this article, the Complete Shutter Services team will be taking a look at different market sectors and the right shutters to suit each one.

Domestic Shutters

For domestic customers, while security and durability may be the key reasons why you decided to opt for roller shutters, it’s important that they’re lightweight, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, too, since you’re going to be using them everyday.

With this in mind, you can’t go wrong with a set of lightweight aluminium shutters. What’s more, for extra ease of use at home, you could consider a remote control function for your shutters, especially if you are considering multiple sets.

If the shutters are to protect your garage in particular, then you may be looking for a roller garage door. Thanks to the tight rolling mechanism associated with these garage doors, you can save a great deal of room compared to up and over varieties.

Commercial Shutters

Retail Shutters: For retail commercial spaces, particularly shop fronts, manual roller shutters tend to be the best and most cost-effective way to go.

Fire rated shutters won’t be something you need to go for, since the shutters will be providing a barrier between your goods and the outside world, rather than being in place to stop the spread of flames. Moreover, electric shutters won’t be necessary in this case, as the chances are you will only have one set on your shop front.

Office Shutters: For office environments that need to maintain high levels of security without completely obscuring the aesthetic of the building itself, security grilles are the way to go. The grilles are made from steel sections which are joined together in a way which allows the grilles to slide out of sight either behind blinds or curtains.

Industrial Shutters: For industrial settings, unlike retail ones, fire shutters are essential. This is because, in the even of a fire, they will be vital to the security of the building as a whole.

The speed of your door is something you will want to consider – insulation, too – as slow-moving, non-insulated shutters will end up costing you in the long run with air conditioning bills.

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