When you’re considering the potential advantages of having fire doors installed into your home or business premises, one easy answer will inevitably come first to mind: they can save lives. And even if having them fitted is not a legal requirement in your circumstances, that’s a pretty good reason for giving them serious consideration.

But there are a number of other things that also make fire doors a sensible investment. And if you’re having to get them fitted because you have to by law, those extras might make you feel a bit better about that investment. Alternatively, if you don’t actually have to install them but are thinking about it, those bonus features might just be the difference that tilts the balance! Let’s take a closer look.


Because they are so strong, fire doors can do so much more than stopping fires from spreading – they can also be a useful security feature, because they will usually be much harder for intruders to get through as well. Of course, fire doors need to be unlocked if anyone is actually in the building, but when it is unoccupied they can be locked and are likely to be considerably more secure than a normal door.


Because fire doors have a strong and solid construction designed to withstand a fire for longer than your average door, it makes sense that those very same characteristics are likely to enable it to withstand the rigours of everyday use for longer, even if it never has to fulfil its primary function. So when you have fire doors installed, you’re not just making your property safer for any occupants, you’re also making a long-term investment that should be there for years.


Another advantage to that solid construction is that fire doors give an impression of quality. For example, a heavy wooden door feels like it’s made out of a higher grade or standard of wood, and that can be a big plus if you’re thinking of selling or renting out the property. And if you’re thinking that fire doors can’t also look good, well, think again! Modern fire doors can have as much visual appeal as any other internal door.


Fire doors don’t just stop fires spreading – they can also stop noise in its tracks! So, in a work environment, they can stop noise getting through from a busy factory to office areas where people may be on the phone; meanwhile, at home, they might also prevent noise escaping from a utility room with a working washing machine or a garage workshop into what are meant to be quieter living areas.

If fire doors sound like something you might need to make your business premises safer – and maybe quieter and more secure as well! –  then get in touch with Complete Shutter Services today. We’re experts in supplying and fitting all kinds of industrial and commercial security systems. 


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