Importance of Roller Shutters for Businesses

With hundreds of thousands of shoplifting incidents happening every year in the UK, keeping your business secure is more important than ever. 

Roller shutters should be a central part of every business’ security strategy, as they offer numerous benefits for keeping a business safe.

And it’s not just safety either. Roller shutters provide various advantages for businesses and are a must-have for brick-and-mortar stores.

In this article, we explain all the advantages of a roller shutter for a business.


Roller shutters are typically made of steel or aluminium. Robust and durable, these two metals provide superb resistance against attacks. Unlike regular doors, security shutters provide extra protection against heavy impacts, preventing the building itself from getting damaged and stopping any intruders from getting inside.

Security shutters also provide passive protection. Intimidatingly large and robust, roller shutters serve as a deterrent, letting criminals know that security measures are in place and that your business will be extremely difficult to break into.

Security also extends beyond humans. Roller shutters protect your storefront from inclement weather. You won’t need to worry about damage from heavy winds or torrential rain — roller shutters keep your business protected throughout the year. 


It’s always worrying keeping expensive items in your shop after you’ve closed up. The last thing you want is for opportunistic criminals to be peering into the windows. Roller shutters keep your shop private. Nobody will be able to see what you do or don’t have in your shop after hours, deterring wannabe criminals from taking their chances.

Temperature regulation (For Factories – not shops)

An often overlooked advantage of roller shutter doors is that they provide insulation to a warehouse, helping to retain heat and keep factories at a comfortable temperature. Not only is this better for your staff but it’s better for your wallet too. In fact, a roller shutter can save up to 30% on the cost of heating and cooling.

Many designs to choose from

Long gone are the days where roller shutters had to be clunky and unsightly. These days, you can find roller shutters in various colours, helping them blend in with the colour scheme of your shop.

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