5 Benefits of Personnel Doors

A personnel door is a type of commercial security door specifically intended for employee use. Unlike regular security doors, personnel doors are not designed to facilitate public footfall and shouldn’t be used in public areas of your business.

Personnel doors offer a number of benefits to businesses across a diverse range of industries. In this article, we explain the top benefits of personnel doors and detail how they could improve your business.

Greater security

A key benefit of personnel doors is that they are designed to only allow approved personnel into key areas. This can be achieved with mechanisms that require codes, key cards or fingerprints to open. 

The doors themselves are built to withstand heavy daily use. The doors are typically constructed of steel and feature heavy-duty hinges, gaskets and hardware.

Improved insulation

The thick steel exterior of personnel doors improves insulation as well as security. By reducing the amount of heat that escapes the room, personnel doors are ideal for use in positive-temperature environments.

Separate employee areas

Installing personnel doors is a great way to compartmentalise different employee areas. This is enhanced by the ability to only allow permitted personnel into specific areas, meaning you’ll get more control over who visits what area.

Durable, resilient and long lasting

Despite not being available to the public, personnel doors see heavy use from employees. They are designed to be kept closed when not in use, so may open and close hundreds of times a day, even in smaller businesses. 

The doors need to be built to withstand this heavy use. They are constructed with heavy-duty hinges and frames to resist wear and remain functional long into the future.

Aesthetic appeal

Personnel doors are constructed from high-quality materials to maximise security, but they also offer a premium aesthetic. While they’re not customer facing, they still enhance the overall appearance of your business and will be more pleasant for staff.


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