The Options Available
We have a range of different shutter solutions for every opportunity. Whether you need shutters for your business or home, we can help.
Roller Shutters
Roller shutters are very versatile products that can be fitted in more or less any situation / environment or location. The product is designed to be a physical deterrent to any attempts on a property. The product can be tailored to your needs and specification even when planning permission is required.

There are several options within this range starting from steel & aluminium options and then including varying security levels and control options.
Please contact our team for more help on selection or visit our download section for full specifications and drawings.
Sectional Overhead Doors
Sectional overhead doors are available in 4 different variations (standard lift / high lift / vertical lift & low headroom) to enable the product to suit any type of industrial unit design.

The advantage of this product is the insulation value it offers to a building making the door a valuable part of the cost saving for heat loss in premises.

The door design offers a very smooth operation with all safety features inclusive (cable & spring brakes). There are many options available starting from Manual push pull operation to a fully automatic door with safety edge and photocell protection.
The colour options for the panels is in line with many popular cladding standard colours but we can also offer bespoke colours on request. Vision panels are available with wicket door options & wind bracing is available (standard on all doors over 6m wide).

Please contact us for any questions or to help with your requirements
Industrial Doors
Industrial Roller Doors have 2 main characteristics, Insulated or Non insulated. The non insulated version has had no testing for insulation values but will offer some of course. The insulated version has a good 'U' value which will be suitable for most specifications.

The doors are mainly offered with electric operation and we power our doors with a German direct drive system with a built in brake. This is complimented by a digital control panel (inc digital limits) with full fault diagnostics. These motors are very reliable and come with an emergency hand chain in case of a power failure within your building.
There are several types of doors offered varying in security therefore please contact us for more help or click on the links below to see a full spec.
Fire Shutter
Fire Resisting Roller Shutters
Complete Shutter Services 4 hour fire resisting roller shutters hold a Test Certificate from Warrington Fire Research Consultants, in accordance with BS 476 : Part 22 : 1987, Clause 8, on an asymmetrical, uninsulated, face fixed rolling shutter doorset.

During the Test: The furnace is controlled so that its mean temperature complies with the requirements of BS 476 : part 20: 1987, Clause 3.1.

Test Report
Our Fire Shutter will suit any application as we achieved the 240 minute duration of the test.
Every installation can be tailored to your needs including options for stand alone heat and smoke detection, audio visual alarms and delayed descent. We can also tailor the fire interface panel provided to control numerous shutters.

Every door is provided with a fire interface panel offering battery back up protection and an alarm input for easy connection to the alarm system.

The doors can be powder coated to compliment the surroundings and make sure this product will easily fit into an office / kitchen / reception environment.
Please contact us for help with your requirements or use the link below for a full specification.
Steel Hinged Doors
We offer both fire rated and non fire rated doors to suit fire exits or personnel access. There are many many options of hardware and design including LPCB level 1, 2 & 3 options.

The robustness of the design and quality of manufacturing combine to achieve one of the toughest doorsets available.

Every door is laser measured, drafted for customer approval, laser cut with precision to make sure the finished product exactly fits its purpose and is built to last. All doors are powder coated finished with a choice of 27 standard colour options. Any colour is available on request (at an additional charge).

The fire doors are available again with many options and styles to suit any project complementing the overall offering available to you.

Please contact us or use our download section for more information.
Roller Garage Doors
Each garage door is designed ultimately with security in mind. The unique hinge locking system of this product is far beyond its competitors.

The strong aluminium sections combined with Somfy automation makes this door desirable in every aspect.

Each garage door comes complete with remote control operation (including 2 remote handsets, courtesy light and additional push button operation). Each motor incorporates a manual override procedure internally to overcome power failures.

There are many colour options available including 'golden oak woodgrain' This product is made to measure and can accommodate an opening of up to 5.2 metres wide.

The roller design of our doors compared with conventional up and over doors allows extra space in width and height.

This door is the perfect way to secure your garage without spoiling it's appearance.

Also – each remote control door has a built in safety edge which safeguards objects left in the path of the roller shutter.
Security Grills
The purpose of this product is to gain high levels of security while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing. This product is a very unobtrusive crime prevention barrier which is widely used in offices and homes throughout the UK.

The grilles are made from steel sections which are joined together in a way which allows the grilles to slide out of sight either behind blinds or curtains.

This gives maximum light penetration into any area during the day, and at night very simply the gates can be pulled together and locked.
The strength of the grilles have been tested against attack and have achieved fantastic results.

There is an insurance and police approved option which is tested to LPS 1175-1.

There are a standard range of colours available which covers almost any company or house requirement.

Two different lattice options are available either X or S as shown
Each application is assessed by our quotations department who will tailor this product to your needs.

The grilles can be made to have a hinged lift up track to combat trip hazards in doorways.

Fixed Security Bars and Grilles
The aspect of security bars is that they are a visually strong deterrent and are very reasonably valued in comparison to other alternatives. The two main options are fixed or removable. Removable bars as pictured below are ideal to gain access to windows for maintenance or repair as well as to receive maximum light. Removal and replacement of bars is swift and easy. The fixed option is common on smaller windows or where the above points are not relevant.
High Speed Doors
These doors are designed to reduce the amount of time that a building is losing heat. The doors move at 1m / second and therefore compared to a traditional door can save money on large heating bills.

The design of the doors allows them to be used very frequently and they can become an integral part of a companies carbon footprint reduction.

There are 2 main types offered;

Rapid Fold - External use doors where wind protection is required and therefore wind bars are built into the door to prevent any issues with the curtain blowing out of the channels.

Rapid Roll - Internal use or areas less exposed to the elements, these doors can roll up in a smaller space as they have no wind bracing.

Every door is fully tested before despatch to guarantee performance, the doors have many safety features which are tailored to the environment whether the doors are used for forklift / vehicle access or pedestrian access.

The doors have many activation options for vehicle / pedestrian detection including induction loops and radar with auto-close included (with varying time delay options). The doors can also be provided with clear vision panels at no extra cost to help with traffic flow.

NB. The doors are not suitable for security protection to a building and therefore may be required to be installed with an Industrial door option for securing the premises at night.

Please contact us or view the links below for a full specification.
Automatic Doors
Complete Shutter services offer a range of Automatic Door operators to suit your existing doors or for your new project. We have 2 options which are either sliding or swing operation.

The PremierSlide sliding door operator is a heavy duty sliding operator suitable for all applications. This Operator is enclosed in a compact housing only 100mm high and incorporates a "Self diagnostic" system for fault finding.
The Premier-Slide telescopic sliding door operator is ideal where a wider clear opening is needed from a sliding door.
The PremierSwing door operator is a heavy duty electro-mechanical unit suitable for continuous duty usage. It has Built in Diagnostics and is Manufactured in the UK.
The operators have built in battery backup, discreet housing (either 85 or 100mm), full diagnostic display, fire alarm input, manufactured to BS7036 standards.

The canopy can be powder coated any colour to match the aluminium doors, please contact our sales for more information or use the link below for a full specification.
PVC Strip Curtains
PVC Strip Curtains are the perfect divider for agricultural, industrial or food areas.

Agricultural benefit: The ability to trap heat/cold in and out and stop the rain they are perfect for the barns/pens. The livestock can still access the outdoor areas for grazing or shelter indoors while keeping dry and warm.

Industrial benefit: As theses dividers do not need to be opened by had they can be placed in doorways that require access via forklift or vans while still providing a barrier to hold heat in the warehouse and the cold and rain out.

Food benefit: The PVC Strip curtain is perfect for use in food areas as they will trap the cold in why keeping the air dry. They are easier to clean than most dividers and so are great for hygiene areas where touching contaminated buttons or door handles could pose a problem.
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